2017 NCYL Staff











Alice Abrokwa
Attorney, Strategic Advocacy

Crystal Adams
Attorney, Strategic Advocacy

Melissa Adamson
Berkeley Law Public Interest Fellow

Itzel Almazan
Program Associate, Education Civil Rights Alliance & Juvenile Justice

Jasmine Amons
Program Associate, Health

Merna Antone
Office and IT Manager

Julee Aros-Thornton
Education Liaison, FosterEd: Arizona

Hannah Benton
Senior Attorney, Juvenile Justice

Shane Carr
Education Liaison, FosterEd: Arizona

Taylor Chambers
Program Associate, FosterEd

Lewis Cohen
Senior Director of Communications

Kawena Cole
Program Manager, FosterEd: California, Antelope Valley

Rose Deblas
Education Liaison, FosterEd: Arizona

Neha Desai
Senior Attorney, Health

Ashley Dickerson
Education Liaison, FosterEd: Arizona

Molly Dunn
Director, FosterEd: Arizona

Seth Galanter
Attorney, Senior Director

Victoria Gonzales
Education Liaison, FosterEd: Arizona

Amanda Grill
Fiza Quraishi Youth Law Fellow

William L. Grimm
Directing Attorney, Child Welfare

Rebecca Gudeman de Ortiz
Attorney, Senior Director, Health

Frankie Guzman
Attorney, Director, California Youth Justice Initiative

Jesse Hahnel
Executive Director

Jennifer Harris
Education Liaison, FosterEd: Arizona

Michael Harris
Attorney, Senior Director, Juvenile Justice

Jennie Hedges
Education Liaison, FosterEd: Arizona

Joy Hernandez
Program Manager, FosterEd: California, Santa Clara County

Peter Hershberger
Senior Advisor, FosterEd: Arizona

Karla James
Senior Director of Finance and Operations

Anna Johnson
Senior Policy Associate, Child Welfare

Poonam Juneja
Senior Attorney, Child Welfare

Arayah Larson
Manager of Youth & Volunteer Development, FosterEd: Arizona

Catherine E. Lhamon
Of Counsel

Lesli LeGras
Director, Los Angeles Foster Youth Reproductive Access Project

Andrew Moffett
Data & Technology, Project Manager, FosterEd

Andrea Molina
Director of Student Supports and System Partnerships, FosterEd: Arizona

Jessica Montoya
Education Liaison, FosterEd: Arizona

Jaron Neal
Education Liaison, FosterEd: Arizona

Allison Newcombe
Attorney, Associate Director, Child Trafficking

Malia Obillo
Program Associate, External Relations

Margaret Olmos
Director, FosterEd: California

Edward Opton
Of Counsel, Child Welfare

Sandra Ortega
Education Liaison, FosterEd: Arizona

Christine Pauley
Human Resources Manager

Miranda Perry
External Relations Coordinator

Haley Reimbold
Director, Development

Miriam A. Rollin
Director, Education Civil Rights Alliance

Casey Schutte
Director of Implementation, FosterEd

Kira Setren
Paralegal, Legal Advocacy

Grace Spulak
Director, FosterEd: New Mexico

Jason Sutton
Business Manager

Michelle Francois Traiman
Senior Director, FosterEd

Atasi Uppal
Attorney, FosterEd & Juvenile Justice

Rachel Velcoff Hults
Attorney, Deputy Director of Programs, FosterEd

Christy Wagner
Director of Student Centered Engagement, FosterEd: Arizona

Kate Walker Brown
Attorney, Director, Child Trafficking

Valentine Wanjiku
Program Manager, FosterEd: California, Contra Costa County

Leecia Welch
Attorney, Senior Director, Child Welfare