Georgia Logothetis

Senior Director, Public Affairs & Strategies

For over two decades, Georgia has successfully strategized positive change in the private, political, and nonprofit sector. Georgia began her career as an attorney at one of Chicago’s oldest law firms, focusing her practice on municipal, appellate, and social media law. At the age of just 23, she was named a Contributing Editor at the national opinion site Daily Kos, where she analyzed federal policy and news for an audience of millions and nurtured the grassroots progressive movement in the nascent days of online organizing.

In 2005, Georgia was recruited to become Digital Director for a top-tier Senate campaign, where she built a small-donor base from the ground up and expanded her role in communications, speechwriting, and strategy.

Afterward, Georgia founded a consulting firm that merged her expertise in communications and technology, where she guided candidates, organizations, and businesses across the spectrum of persuasive mediums, from branding, executive leadership training, graphic and video production, and overall strategic planning. She was later recruited to help found a national 501(c)(4) foreign policy organization focused on international security and humanitarian issues in the Eastern Mediterranean. There, she successfully created a coast-to-coast network of engaged members in every state, launched myriad successful grassroots advocacy campaigns to promote or block legislation in both chambers of Congress, fostered coalitions among national grassroots and grasstops groups, and devised an innovative leadership training curriculum that was awarded a $1 million endowment from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

With the social upheaval in the wake of the 2016 election, Georgia was called to apply her vast expertise in management, technology, organizing, and communications to the domestic policy arena. 

While Georgia is an expert in a wide range of domestic and foreign policy issues, she has a particular interest in ethics and transparency, modernizing government systems to be more responsive and inclusive, and rapid response communications strategies.

She has been profiled in the Chicago Reader by Chris Hayes, has been cited in The Washington Post, The New York Times and other publications, and has been a frequent guest on podcasts and public affairs programming.  She is also the recipient of the Hellenic Bar Association's 2021 Advocacy Award.