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Distance Learning Available to Families Through Independent Study During 2021-2022 School Year: Resource for Parents and Guardians

Read our September 2021 letter to the California Department of Education and State Board of Education urging better support for students and families...
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How Districts Planned for Pandemic Learning: Equity-Driven Practices and Lessons Learned from 2020 Learning Continuity and Attendance Plans

For “students with unique needs” – students in foster care, students in the juvenile justice system, students experiencing homelessness, English...
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Reimagine and Rebuild: Restarting School with Equity at the Center

As we recover from the COVID-19 public health and education emergency, it is time to build an education system that places equity at the center so...
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District Leadership Checklist for Supporting the Unique Needs of Students in Foster Care, Experiencing Homelessness or in the Juvenile Justice System

This is a tool for local education agency leadership to support planning and monitoring for students that are experiencing homelessness, in foster...
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Ending Endless Probation

Probation is the most common court ordered outcome imposed on youth in juvenile court in California. Too often, youth are placed on probation for an...
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Alternative Education in California: A Primer for Advocates and Community Stakeholders

This report explores "alternative education" in California and provides essential information about the purpose, structure and accountability...
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Compassionate Systems: Monterey Program Progress Report

NCYL’s Compassionate Systems team is excited to share our Monterey demonstration site 2018/19 program progress report . NCYL launched our...