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SB 203 graphic showing process of youth interrogation

Miranda Rights - Protection Guides for Youth and Professionals

Guides to help youth, law enforcement, and school staff understand the rights youth have during police interrogations to ensure outcomes are just and...
Two youth facing each other about to embrace

Telling Our Own Stories: Former Foster Youth Experiences With Barriers And Healing During Covid-19

This report was entirely youth-led, researched, analyzed, and written by members of the Youth Advisory Board for NCYL’s Reproductive Health Equity...
FosterEd Antelope Valley 2 year progress report cover student with computer

Compassionate Education Systems: Antelope Valley Progress Report

A new report by the National Center for Youth Law highlights progress made in improving the educational experiences for youth in foster care in the...
Report cover. Girl sitting alone in school hallway

School Mental Health 101: A Primer for Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans

California is launching an effort to grow partnerships between schools and Medi-Cal mental health providers to expand access to care for students...
Report cover with title and authors next to a close-up picture of a textile from South America

Guidance for Mental Health Professionals Serving Unaccompanied Children Released from Government Custody

This Guide is intended to support mental health providers in effectively serving unaccompanied children released from federal immigration custody...
Report cover with title and authors

Youth Justice In California: Obstacles to a Public Health Approach

This brief highlights three initiatives in California to create systems that support youth, communities, and state by endeavoring to create...
Dark blue report cover displaying title and authors in white text over light blue shapes

Strategies to End Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Youth: A toolkit for collaborative action

A practical how-to guide that offers best practices and learnings gleaned from our decade of working to address the commercial sexual exploitation of...