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We work strategically and collaboratively with co-counsel partners, community organizations, and named plaintiffs to bring impact litigation that represents broad classes of children and youth across multiple public systems.

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D.P. v. School Board of Palm Beach County

Filing date
Police employed by the School District of Palm Beach County illegally use the Florida Mental Health Act, also known as the Baker Act, to subject hundreds of students each year to involuntary psychiatric examinations, without their parents' input, consent and, sometimes, over their objections.

Tonisha Smith v. Alameda County

Filing date
Filed on behalf of a youth in extended foster care who experienced more than two weeks of homelessness because the agency failed to provide her with a place to live.

Women’s Student Union v. U.S. Department of Education

Filing date
This lawsuit challenged Trump-era regulations that represent a radical departure from the way previous administrations applied Title IX to school sexual harassment, including sexual assault.

D.S. v. Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families

Filing date
This lawsuit alleges Washington has violated the rights of foster children with disabilities by denying them the most fundamental and basic of rights owed when a child is placed in government custody: a place to live and the support and services needed to return home.

COPAA v. DeVos, 2020

Filing date
This lawsuit seeks to stop the U.S. Department of Education's attempts to siphon emergency federal COVID-19 funding away from K - 12 public schools and the students they serve.

Denise Cowan v. Bolivar County Board of Education

Filing date
In May 2016, after decades of litigation, a federal judge ordered the Mississippi Cleveland School District to desegregate its middle and high schools.

Freeman v. County of Riverside

Filing date
This lawsuit alleges Riverside County of illegally collecting juvenile administrative fees.

M.B. v. Howard

Filing date
Settled in 2021, this case will bring transformative, structural change to Kansas’s broken child welfare system by ending extreme placement instability and ensuring children receive the mental health care they need.

Black Parallel School Board V. Sacramento City Unified School District

Filing date
The suit alleges flagrant districtwide disability and race discrimination against students with disabilities, especially Black students