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We work strategically and collaboratively with co-counsel partners, community organizations, and named plaintiffs to bring impact litigation that represents broad classes of children and youth across multiple public systems.

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J.N. V. Oregon Department of Education

Filing date
The State of Oregon has effectively denied hundreds of children with disabilities the opportunity to attend school for a full day, in violation of federal laws, the Individuals with Disability Education Act (IDEA), the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Rehabilitation Act.

Duchitanga v. Lloyd

Filing date
This lawsuit challenges egregious delays in the release of detained immigrant children to their families resulting from new policies and practices that subject parents and others to unwarranted fingerprint checks.

M.J. v The District of Columbia

Filing date
Filed on on behalf of all Medicaid-eligible District of Columbia children who have a mental health disability and are not receiving medically necessary intensive community-based services as required by federal law.

COPAA v. DeVos, 2018

Filing date
seeks to ensure timely compliance with an important U.S. Department of Education regulation that is intended to ensure students that need special education are being correctly identified.

Sigma Beta XI v. County of Riverside

Filing date
This lawsuit alleges that Riverside County, California, through its Probation office, targets, ensnares, and discriminates against children by stripping them of their constitutional rights.

Lucas R. v. Azar

Filing date
This lawsuit charges the government with inappropriately detaining children in unnecessarily restrictive detention centers without fair process, unlawfully medicating children without appropriate authorization, and failing to promptly release children to family members.

SurvJustice v. DeVos

Filing date
This lawsuit was filed to stop U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and the Trump Administration’s Title IX policy.

San Juan Unified School District Civil Rights Complaint

Filing date
This complaint alleges Mira Loma High School discriminates against African American students through its racially hostile educational environment.

M.B. V. Tidball

Filing date
Every day, the approximately 13,000 children in the foster care custody of the state of Missouri are exposed to an unreasonable risk of serious physical and psychological harm because the state fails to maintain an adequate oversight system to ensure that psychotropic drugs are administered safely