March 29, 2022

Black Parallel School Board V. Sacramento City Unified School District

Filing date
Case type
Class Action
Case jurisdiction
U.S. District Courts
Eastern District of California

The suit alleges flagrant districtwide disability and race discrimination against students with disabilities, especially Black students. 

NCYL filed this lawsuit with Equal Justice Society, Disability Rights California and Western Center on Law & Poverty on behalf of the Black Parallel School Board and three students in the Sacramento City Unified School District. The District has organized its programs in a way that segregates and denies students with disabilities, particularly Black students with disabilities, a meaningful opportunity to be educated side-by-side with their peers in an inclusive environment. Further, the suit alleges the District imposes excessive and exclusionary discipline on students with disabilities for behavior caused by their disabilities. The District disciplines Black students with disabilities more frequently and more harshly instead of providing the services and support they need to thrive.