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Training Law Enforcement to Protect Sexually Exploited Children (2018)

AB 2992 (Daly)

This law requires law enforcement have the knowledge and skills needed to protect sexually exploited children.

Keeping 14 and 15 Year Olds Out of the Adult Criminal Justice System (2018)

SB 1391 (Lara)

This law ends the transfer of children 14 and 15 years old to the adult court in most cases.

Keep Kids in School Act (2018)

SB 607 (Skinner)

Senate Bill 607 would limit the use of suspensions for any student who has “disrupted school activities or otherwise willfully defied the valid authority” of school personnel.

Protecting Foster Youth From Abuse (2018)

AB 2323 (Rubio)

California does a poor job investigating cases of abuse and neglect of children in foster care. NCYL sought to protect the health and safety of children entrusted to the state's care by requiring timely investigations.

Keeping Younger Children Out of the Juvenile Court System (2017)

SB 439 (Mitchell, Lara)

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child recommends a minimum age of criminal responsibility of at least 12 years old. This excludes children 11 years old and younger from prosecution in juvenile court.

Protecting Miranda Rights for Youth (2017)

SB 395 (Lara)

This bill would require youth under 18 to consult with counsel prior to waiving their rights during a custodial interrogation.

Foster Youth Sexual Health Education Act (2017)

SB 89 (Leyva)

This law decreases the rate of unintended pregnancy among youth in California's foster care by improving access to comprehensive sexual health education, and ensures reproductive rights of youth in foster care are met.

Judicial Authorization of Psychotropic Drug Administration to Foster Children (2017)

SB 253 (Monning)

This investment allows counties to closely monitor requests for prescriptions for youth in foster care that exceed the state guidelines.

Caregiver Access to Education Records (2017)

SB 233 (Beall)

This law improves the coordination of educational services between caregivers of foster children, Local Education Agencies, Child Welfare Agencies, and education rights holders.