Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Training Law Enforcement to Protect Sexually Exploited Children (2018)

AB 2992 (Daly)

In 2014, California enacted SB 855, clarifying that a child who is sexually trafficked is a victim of child abuse. The bill also created the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) Program to serve trafficked youth within the child welfare system. In 2016, California approved SB 1322, which precludes minors from being arrested and charged for prostitution or solicitation. However, many law enforcement officers remain unaware of the changes or how to respond effectively when sexual exploitation is suspected.

AB 2992 ensures that police officers receive training on the dynamics of child sex trafficking, indicators of trafficking, changes to mandatory reporting requirements, and their role in helping youth access services. AB 2992 will equip our law enforcement partners with the knowledge and skills needed to protect sexually exploited children.