Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Transform The Legal Landscape To Recognize And Treat CSE As Child Abuse

NCYL changes state and local laws, regulations and agency policies to help identify, protect, and support youth impacted by CSE.

NCYL has driven a number of legislative wins in California that affirm there is no such thing as a child prostitute - by making prositution laws inapplicable to youth under 18. Instead, they are met with supportive services in their communities. We continue to pursue a legislative strategy that builds on our successes, establishes supportive practices, and provides funding for services that will best support youth impacted by CSE. 

The commercial sexual exploitation of youth is child abuse

Every child affected by CSE should be provided comprehensive services and supports, not punished for violence inflicted upon them. While we have had success achieving change in California, many states fall far behind recognizing CSE as child abuse.