Foster Care

Protecting Foster Youth from Abuse and Neglect (2019)

AB 395 (Rubio)

This is a continuing effort to address the troubling findings by the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General (OIG) that reveal California does a poor job investigating cases of abuse and neglect of children in foster care, sometimes allowing children entrusted to the state's care to remain in a potentially dangerous placements for up to 180 days to grievous, and even fatal, consequences.

California's AB 395 will protect the health and safety of children in foster care by requiring investigations of allegations of abuse and neglect of foster children are completed within 30 days, and will establish critical standards and protocols for conducting the investigations. The bill's proposed language follows closely the provision in existing state law applicable to investigations of elder abuse, as California has recognized the importance of timely and coordinated investigations for this older population. Foster children deserve the same amount of protection under the law. #180DaysAtRisk