Compassionate Education Systems, Antelope Valley

Our compassionate education initiative in Antelope Valley, California wants every student involved in the child welfare system to have inclusive, equitable, healing centered, culturally appropriate educational experiences that result in high school graduation and the pursuit of and persistence in their post-secondary goals that lead to self-sufficiency. 

Two young children playing under a colorful nylon blanket or parachute

Who We Are

Centering the expertise of youth and families is critical to our framework and critical to our collective success.

The groundwork for our Antelope Valley site began in 2015 and our full-scale demonstration site launched in 2018.  In our Antelope Valley program we serve students involved in the child welfare system. Our program provides direct support to young people, and informs systems-level change for students involved in the child welfare system to ensure each student has:

  • The capacity to self-advocate and set goals.
  • A positive sense of self-efficacy
  • Adult supporters that are able and willing to work in unison; and
  • A positive educational experience that results in the student building their own definition of academic success.
Antelope Valley Program Model Diagram

What We Do