Compassionate Education Systems: Antelope Valley Progress Report

FosterEd Antelope Valley 2 year progress report cover student with computer

A new report by the National Center for Youth Law highlights progress made in improving the educational experiences for youth in foster care in the Antelope Valley through our FosterEd program. The report demonstrates our students experienced notable improvements in school stability, gains in GPA, increases in the number of academic credits obtained, improved attendance and a very high degree of satisfaction and support working with the FosterEd team.

NCYL launched FosterEd in the Antelope Valley in 2018. Since then, we have worked with our on-the-ground partners to: 

  • Provide direct support and services to 260 students in foster care;
  • Convene and support more than 812 family members, teachers, social workers and other professionals who served as student’s education support team;
  • and Partner with our students and their education champions and teams to set and work to achieve more than 232 education goals.

We have also worked at a systems level to support and promote cross-community partnerships, participating in several local workgroups and collaboratives working together. 

We are extremely proud of the strides we and our partners have made to improve educational experiences for youth in foster care in the Antelope Valley, and we look forward to continuing our work!