A Trauma-Informed Approach for Newcomer Immigrant Youth

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This webinar presents a trauma-informed approach to judicial decision-making so that all professionals involved in the system may better understand the challenges newcomer immigrant youth face. “Newcomer immigrant youth” - refugees, asylum seekers, and unaccompanied children - face unique challenges when involved within the juvenile justice system.

This webinar will assist those who interact with this group in recognizing behavioral, social, and learning challenges that many newcomer immigrant youth experience as a result of trauma, as well as in identifying services that can best support these youth in successfully resolving the legal, educational, and psychological issues that have brought them before the juvenile court.

Highlighted issues will include:

  • The type of trauma newcomer immigrant youth experience,
  • Cultural considerations,
  • The impact of a delinquency adjudication on immigration status, and
  • A case study.

In collaboration with the Center for Trauma Recovery and Juvenile Justice and the Refugee Trauma and Resilience Center.