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Crisis on the Coast: The Bay Coastal Foster Youth and Homeless Student Populations

This report produced in partnership with Pivot Learning highlights the impact homelessness has on students in Monterey County and the efforts our two...

Trauma-Informed Legal Advocacy: A Resource for Juvenile Defense Attorneys

This resource is intended to provide juvenile defense attorneys with an increased understanding of what trauma-informed legal advocacy entails, how...
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HIPAA or FERPA? A Primer on Sharing School Health Information in California, 2nd Edition

This Primer provides an overview of the pertinent federal and state confidentiality laws when health care is provided on school sites and addresses a...

Psychotherapy for Commercially Sexually Exploited Children: A Guide for Community-Based Behavioral Health Practitioners and Agencies

The guide describes the core components of treatment, the impact of ongoing trauma, and the importance of understanding exploitation in the context of...

Building Champions for Students In New Mexico's Foster Care: FosterEd New Mexico Progress Update

This report provides an overview of the FosterEd Program in New Mexico and its progress and impact in Lea County. The report also provides a look...
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Promoting Permanency for Teens: A 50 State Review of Law and Policy

his review summarizes state policies that promote teen permanency and identifies barriers that hinder the permanent connection of teens through...

Youth Prosecuted As Adults In California: Addressing Racial, Ethnic, And Geographic Disparities After The Repeal Of Direct File

In 2016, Californians voted overwhelmingly in support of Proposition 57, a ballot initiative that abolished the practice of “direct file,” wherein...