Yvette Gomez

Education Liaison, Compassionate Education Systems
Portrait photograph of Yvette Gomez

Yvette Gomez is an Education Liaison with the Compassionate Education System team. Yvette works with youth involved in the justice system throughout Santa Clara County by helping find the best school placement and advocates for each and every student’s education rights. Yvette collaborates with high schools, the probation department, and service providers throughout Santa Clara to help students overcome challenges and remove barriers that may be preventing a student from succeeding in school. Yvette strives to empower students to take charge of their educational futures by setting academic and post-secondary goals and works closely with each student’s parents and/or caregivers to help them navigate the California's education system.

Yvette has over six years of experience working with youth of all walks of life and youth encountering different challenges, including challenges with the juvenile court system, mental health, and substance abuse. Before joining the National Center for Youth Law, Yvette supported teen girls on probation in a group home in Monterey County where Yvette assisted youth to practice techniques to cope with mental illnesses, substance abuse, and relapse prevention, and develop independent living skills. Yvette also helped with school enrollment and post-secondary education planning.

Yvette is a Central Coast native who graduated from California State University Monterey Bay. Ms. Gomez enjoys hiking and exercising.