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End Exploitation, Support Survivors: National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Simple graphic that says "End sex trafficking & Commercial Sexual Exploitation

On this National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, recognized every Jan. 11, it remains an unconscionable fact that children and youth continue to be trafficked and commercially sexually exploited. These children are treated as property and are bought and sold for sex. They aren’t afforded care, rights and protection, or basic respect and dignity. 

We at the National Center for Youth Law believe that every child should feel safe, cared for and be surrounded by people who support their well-being. We advocate to ensure they have what they need to thrive. And we fight to ensure that their profound insights into their goals, needs, and wants are heeded by the adults, caregivers, and systems that impact their lives.

We stand with survivors and advocates in renewing our calls and efforts for policies that not only end CSE, but also ensure that young people who experience CSE have access to justice, as well as the services and support they need and deserve.

By centering youth and listening to survivors of trafficking and CSE, we can positively transform young lives now and better protect and support future generations.

The National Center for Youth Law has a dedicated team focused on ending CSE and supporting survivors. We've developed a multitude of resources aimed at elevating young voices and ultimately better identifying, serving and supporting youth at risk of or impacted by CSE. We invite you to explore these resources, available here, and to share them with your networks.

Together, we can ensure children feel the safety and care they deserve.