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We implement policy advocacy at the federal, state, and local levels. Our work includes policy development, lobbying, coalition building, and community organizing.

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Eliminating Harmful Voluntary Probation (2020)

AB 901 (Gipson)

Ensures that youth who have not been accused of breaking the law are not subject to harmful justice system interventions.

Closing California's State Youth Prisons (2020)

SB 823 / AB 1868

This historic bill closes California state-run youth prisons.

Limiting the Time Youth Spend on Probation in California (2020)

SB 1134 (Beall)

This bill sought to limit the time youth spend on probation and require probation conditions be individually tailored.

Youth Reinvestment Grant (2019)

California Budget

NCYL advocated California continue to resource care, not cages, by renewing 2018 investments in the Youth Reinvestment Grant.

Fostering Success Fund (2019)

California Budget

The Fostering Success Fund seeks to increase the capacity of a community-based youth development system to treat foster children accused of low-level offenses appropriately.

Protecting Foster Youth from Abuse and Neglect (2019)

AB 395 (Rubio)

California does a poor job investigating cases of abuse and neglect of children in foster care. NCYL sought to protect the health and safety of children entrusted to the state's care by requiring timely investigations.

Pilot Office of Youth Development and Diversion (2018)

SB 433 (Monning)

SB 433 seeks to create local county pilot offices of youth development and diversion.

Fostering Success Fund (2018)

California Budget

California provided $4 million in 2018 to support youth in foster care who are at risk of being needlessly criminalized.

Youth Reinvestment Fund (2018)

California Budget

California invested over $37 million dollars in 2018 to create local youth diversion and development systems and programs.