Equip Health Systems and Professionals to Meet the Needs of Youth

NCYL helps educate and train health providers - from doctors, psychologists and social workers, to health insurance companies and systems - about how to provide the best care to the youth they serve. 

Health systems and professionals hold enormous responsibility to provide adequate and appropriate health care, information and access to youth. Their work is essential to helping youth thrive and achieve the futures they envision for themselves. 

All youth deserve access to the care they need

Children impacted by systems often lack many of the services and supports they need, including access to adequate and appropriate health care and / or providers who fully understand how to help.

When systems and professionals serve youth who have been involved in one or more systems - such as foster care, juvenile courts or immigration - they often find themselves missing critical context and understanding of the unique, but common challenges these youth face.

Experiences such as the traumas of arrest, detention, family separation, a lack of resources, and confusion about medical consent for children without a clearly identifiable, safe or consistent adult can lead to misunderstandings and gaps in care. 

NCYL ensures health systems and professionals have the resources they need to navigate their legal obligations, implement the best standards of care and provide trauma-informed, culturally competent care.