Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Build System And Community Collaboration To Holistically Support Youth

NCYL convenes, leads and engages a diverse group of partners to plan and implement collaborative, coordinated community and system responses to youth experiencing CSE.

Coalitions are formal or informal multidisciplinary groups that come together to break down silos, share information, learn from each other, and collectively problem solve. NCYL leads and participates in multiple CSE-focused coalitions - both formal and informal - including advisory boards, state and local task forces, and ad hoc convenings.

The CSEC Action Team

NCYL convenes the CSEC Action Team, a broad coalition of over 400 participants including: survivors, community-based organizations, judges, child welfare social workers, case managers, administrators, probation and law enforcement officers, medical providers, mental health providers, academics and researchers, legislative staff and policy advocates, tribal partners, and state and local government partners.

The CSEC Action Team is a policy and education body to grow awareness, share promising practices, identify issues and challenges facing youth impacted by CSE, and collectively develop policy and practice solutions. By highlighting and discussing the impact of these challenges, the CSEC Action Team can work together to develop innovative solutions that serve youth and can be replicated across communities - including tools and resources and policy recommendations.