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The CSEC Action Team is a multidisciplinary body, composed of substantive experts from across the state, including survivors, dedicated to researching and identifying promising prevention and intervention practices, providing guidance to county agencies and community partners, and conducting evaluation to ensure policies improve outcomes for children. The Action Team meets on a quarterly basis and covers a diverse set of topics relevant to youth experiencing CSE at each meeting. 

Some of the topics the CSEC Action Team meetings have focused on include: 

  • CSE within Native American Communities 
  • Innovative Housing/Care models for Youth Experiencing CSE
  • Adultification of Back Girls and It’s intersection with CSE 
  • Utilizing Cultural Broker Program to Address Adultification 
  • The Needs of Expecting and Parenting Youth who are also Experiencing Exploitation

At meetings, CSEC Action Team members are provided with an opportunity to learn about relevant topics as well as develop  policy guidance, recommendations and promising  practices including:

  • Recommendations on how to improve data collection regarding identifying and serving youth experiencing CSE
  • Cell phone policy guidance for youth who are in out of home care
  • Harm reduction guidance series, including specific guidance for social workers, probation officers, law enforcement, caregivers, and the courts
  • Model Memorandum of Understanding template to support multidisciplinary collaboration among youth-serving agencies

The CSEC Action Team works in tandem with an Advisory Board of lived experience experts.  

The Action Team is open to the public and we welcome and encourage your involvement! 

For more information on the Advisory Board, to find biographies of members, and to request consultation, see here.