Los Angeles County Detention Interagency Identification and Response Protocol for Commercially Sexually Exploited Children and Youth

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This new innovative model for serving commercially sexually exploited (CSE) youth identified through probation detention facilities is the result of a strong, collaborative partnership between the Los Angeles County's Probation Department, the Departments of Children and Family Services, Health Services, Mental Health, and Public Health, the Office of Education, and the National Center for Youth Law and builds on Los Angeles County’s expansive work and initiatives to support children and youth who have been commercially sexually exploited.

Los Angeles County, after SB 1322 went into California law in 2016,  moved away from arresting children and youth for prostitution. Awareness about CSE has grown among both staff and youth through extensive training; there has been a dramatic increase in the number of youth who feel comfortable disclosing their exploitation while in juvenile hall. This protocol creates a procedure to identify youth that have been exploited, report the exploitation as child abuse, and work collaboratively across multiple agencies to support them in meeting their myriad needs including services in the community to smooth the transition from detention facilities.