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In This Issue: Oregon fails to ensure that all children can attend a full day of school, Healthy sexual development to Improve outcomes for youth in foster care, and leading educators criticize DeVos.



Championing the Potential of Youth on Probation - Critical Education Advocacy for Justice-Involved Youth

This issue brief explores how NCYL’s FosterEd initiative has worked with partners to advocate for policy change and direct services

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Drug Company Payments to Physicians Tied to Harmful Prescriptions for Foster Youth - An Analysis from the National Center for Youth Law

This policy brief examines the connections between pharmaceutical company payments to physicians and harmful prescribing practices for children and youth

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Juvenile InJustice: Charging Youth as Adults is Ineffective, Biased, and Harmful - Health Impact Partners

“Juvenile InJustice: Charging Youth as Adults is Ineffective, Biased, and Harmful” is a collaboration with the California Alliance for Youth

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2017 California Budget Request to Provide Medical Review of Prescription Requests for Youth

In August 2016, a state audit of the administration of psychotropic medication to children in foster care, found that the

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Report on the Actions of U.S. States Regarding Education for Students in Foster Care and the Every Student Succeeds Act - Children's Home + Aid Center for Policy Practice and Innovation

This report contains information on the ongoing work of several states who have taken purposeful and progressive steps towards helping

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The Effects of Prosecuting and Incarcerating Youth in the Adult System - Interviews with former youth tried as adults

In these video vignettes formerly incarcerated men discuss the effects of being tried and imprisoned in the adult system for offenses committed as juveniles.

The Prosecution Of Youth As Adults – 2015 Update - A County-Level Analysis Of Prosecutorial Direct File In California And Its Disparate Impact On Youth Of Color

This 2015 update of a previously released report examines the prosecution of youth as adults in California documents variations by

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California CSEC Policy Compendium

Since 2014, the California Legislature has been investing in the child welfare system’s capacity to identify and serve commercially sexually

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