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In This Issue: Oregon fails to ensure that all children can attend a full day of school, Healthy sexual development to Improve outcomes for youth in foster care, and leading educators criticize DeVos.



Trauma-Informed Legal Advocacy - A Resource for Juvenile Defense Attorneys

This resource is intended to provide juvenile defense attorneys with an increased understanding of what trauma-informed legal advocacy entails, how trauma impacts child development, the attorney-client relationship, family and caregivers, and attorneys themselves.
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HIPAA or FERPA? A Primer on Sharing School Health Information in California, 2nd Edition - Rebecca Gudeman, National Center for Youth Law

This Primer provides an overview of the pertinent federal and state confidentiality laws when health care is provided on school

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Child Welfare and Immigration - Implications for Funders

Due to recent enacted policies, immigrant families are being destabilized by the growing uncertainty about their fate and the fate

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Building Champions for Students In New Mexico’s Foster Care - FosterEd New Mexico Progress Update

This report provides an overview of the FosterEd Program in New Mexico and its progress and impact in Lea County.

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Building Champions for Students In Arizona’s Foster Care - FosterEd Arizona Progress Update

This annual progress report was prepared for the Arizona State Legislature and Governor’s Office in compliance with House Bill 2665,

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Promoting Permanency for Teens - A 50 State Review of Law and Policy

Over the last 20 years the number of children in foster care has decreased significantly. Yet during this same period,

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Youth Prosecuted as Adults in California (2017 update) - Addressing Racial, Ethnic, and Geographic Disparities After the Repeal of Direct File

In 2016, Californians voted overwhelmingly in support of Proposition 57, a ballot initiative that abolished the practice of “direct file,”

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