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In This Issue: Oregon fails to ensure that all children can attend a full day of school, Healthy sexual development to Improve outcomes for youth in foster care, and leading educators criticize DeVos.



Consent to Medical Treatment for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System: California Law

This document for healthcare providers explains the medical consent rules that apply when children enter the juvenile dependency system in

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Gender and Juvenile Justice: New Courts, Programs Address Needs of Girls

By Thomas Carroll

Juvenile justice systems around California are awakening to the needs of a new population: girls.  As girls

Dyer v. CIF Prompts Policy and Legislative Changes that Benefit Foster Youth

The National Center for Youth Law’s (NCYL) victory in Dyer v. CIF has prompted significant policy and legislative developments that

No Child Left Behind Fails to Close the Achievement Gap

by Jesse Hahnel

Recently released results from the 2008 administration of the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP)1  suggest

Detailed Portrait of Washington Foster Care System Shows Progress, Shortcomings after Braam

By Bryn Martyna

More than four years after a class-action settlement ordered Washington to improve its foster care system, a

Dalton Dyer v. CIF: A Major Victory for Foster Youth in California

By Bryn Martyna

The National Center for Youth Law (NCYL) won a major victory for the rights of California foster

New California Court Rules Protect Foster Children’s Educational Rights

By Betsy Wang

In January 2008, the Judicial Council of California adopted a new set of court rules in response

An Ecological Approach to National Education Reform

By Robyn Gould

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