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In This Issue: Oregon fails to ensure that all children can attend a full day of school, Healthy sexual development to Improve outcomes for youth in foster care, and leading educators criticize DeVos.



Teachers as Partners in the Treatment of Special Education Students Prescribed Psychotropic Medications

By Anisha Asher

The administration of psychotropic medication to treat mental health and behavioral disorders in children has increased dramatically.

One Year Later: State Level Response and Implementation of Miller v. Alabama

By Kelly Orians

On June 25, 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling in the case of Miller

Official Oversight of the Washington State Foster Care System Nears Completion

By Anisha Asher

This summer marked the final official report of the panel of experts assigned to oversee reform of

The Affordable Care Act and Adolescent Health

Closing confidentiality loopholes so that adolescents nationwide can benefit fully from newly available health benefits and insurance

By Rebecca Gudeman

Recent Controversy Around Morning After Pill Centers on Teen Access

By Bryn Martyna

Teen access to emergency contraception (the so-called “morning after pill”) has been the subject of a recent

Assessing Accessibility: Do Teens in Foster Care Have Access to the Full Range of Reproductive Health Care Services Under Medicaid?

This article is the second in a series looking at the alarming rates of teen pregnancy and childbirth among youth

California Embraces Comprehensive School Finance Reform and Protects Educational Services for Foster Youth

By Maya Cooper

California’s legislature passed the new state budget on June 14, 2013. The budget language includes several provisions

The Youth Perspective on Laws Requiring Parental Involvement in the Decision to Have an Abortion

By Bryn Martyna

The majority of states – 38 in all – require parental involvement in a minor’s decision to

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