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In This Issue: Kansas Puts Children and Youth in Its Care At Risk; Number of Children in Immigration Custody at All Time High; New Report Shows Positive Results From Collaborative, Trauma-Informed, Youth-Centered Responses to CSEC



The Youth Perspective on Laws Requiring Parental Involvement in the Decision to Have an Abortion

By Bryn Martyna

The majority of states – 38 in all – require parental involvement in a minor’s decision to

Plaintiffs in Henry A. Move Towards Trial

On February 27, 2013, U.S. District Court Judge Robert C. Jones of Nevada issued a decision clearing the way for

Detecting Reproductive Coercion: Teen Pregnancy as a Red Flag

By Erin Liotta

When a teenage girl – pregnant for the second time – walks into a family planning clinic,

Deal Reached in Sara Kruzan’s Case

Parole a Possibility After a Long Struggle

By Bryn Martyna

Parole for Sara Kruzan is, at long last, a real

Frankie Guzman’s Efforts to Restore the Spirit of the Juvenile Justice System

By Bryn Martyna

The story of Francis “Frankie” Guzman’s path to becoming a lawyer is so gripping, the San Francisco

Access to Mental Health Services for Foster Children Placed Out of County - Observations and Recommendations

The question of how to effectively, equitably, and efficiently provide mental health services to foster youth placed across county lines

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Enhancing Mental Health Advocacy for Girls in the Juvenile Justice System

By Fiza Quraishi

Many girls in the juvenile justice system need mental health services. They are, in many cases, legally

California Law Gives Youth Sentenced to Life Without Parole Another Chance

By Michael Harris

In a key policy shift that could spur other states to change their sentencing practices, California enacted

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