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In This Issue: Oregon fails to ensure that all children can attend a full day of school, Healthy sexual development to Improve outcomes for youth in foster care, and leading educators criticize DeVos.



Keeping Siblings Together: Past, Present, and Future

By Emily Kernan

“The relationships people share with siblings are often the longest-lasting they will ever have. Siblings are there

Foster Parents: Reality v. Perception

By Bill Grimm and Julian Darwall

This is the second of a two-part series that looks at foster parents –

Los Angeles County Fails to Meet the Mental Health Needs of Foster Children

By Meg Wilkinson and Patrick Gardner

Jennifer’s Story

Each day thousands of foster children in California are needlessly confined in

Foster Parents: Who Are They and What Are Their Motivations?

Part I of a two-part series

By Bill Grimm and Julian Darwall

This is the first of a two-part series

Child Welfare Waivers Underutilized by States; States with Waivers Report Mixed Results

By Bill Grimm and Sean Tanner

Child Welfare Demonstration Projects, Part I:

This article is the first in a series

New York Raises the Bar for Interdisciplinary Practice In Family Violence Cases

By Karen Freedman and Betsy Kramer

When domestic violence gives rise to a child protective proceeding, the child protective agency

Most States Fail to Meet the Mental Health Needs of Foster Children

By Jennifer Huber and Bill Grimm

As a society we have failed to meet the health needs of many of

California Moves to Improve Group Home Schools

by Sara Woodward

The California Legislature passed two new laws in the recently concluded session—Assembly Bill 1858 and Senate Bill

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