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In This Issue: Oregon fails to ensure that all children can attend a full day of school, Healthy sexual development to Improve outcomes for youth in foster care, and leading educators criticize DeVos.



Increased Federal Attention to the Need for Education Legislation Focusing on Foster Youth

Foster children’s shockingly poor educational outcomes have been increasingly well-documented in recent years.1 The Fostering Connections Act of 2008

California Embraces Comprehensive School Finance Reform and Protects Educational Services for Foster Youth

By Maya Cooper

California’s legislature passed the new state budget on June 14, 2013. The budget language includes several provisions

Innovative FosterEd Project Goes Statewide in Indiana

By Dr. Anita Silverman

A bold NCYL initiative to improve the educational prospects of foster youth in one Indiana county

California’s AB 12: Historic Step Toward Helping Foster Youth Attend College, But Much Work Ahead

By Leecia Welch

Five months ago, California embarked on historic expansion of its foster care system. The Fostering Connections to

New Juvenile Dependency Court Focuses on Foster Youth Education

By Kristy Luk

The Middle School Education Court (MSEC) in Santa Clara County, California is the first education-focused collaborative juvenile

NCYL’s Greatest Hits

The following is an overview of the work done in NCYL’s priority areas over the past 40 years.

Child Welfare

Helping Foster Children Make The Grade: NCYL Embarks On Research-Driven Education Reform

by Caroline Van Zile

The National Center for Youth Law has recently embarked on an ambitious education reform effort called

Education Advocacy Systems - A Study of How California Counties Ensure Foster Youth Receive the Educational Advocacy and Opportunities They Need

This report examines an emerging strategy designed to ensure foster youth receive the educational advocacy and opportunities they need: the

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