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Our children are speaking up on gun violence. It's time we listen - and act.

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"Center youth" is not simply a tagline for the National Center for Youth Law. It's a shared principle that connects the many facets of our multi-pronged organization, but it's also a call to action that is needed more now than ever.

Our nation is at an inflection point and our children are caught in the crosshairs.
It's time we listen to them.

In 2020, guns took over as the leading cause of death for America's youth, and the tragic shooting at Robb Elementary School on May 24 in Uvalde, Texas, marked the 27th shooting resulting in an injury or death on a U.S. school campus in 2022 alone.

Youth across America are raising their voices and calling for change. To call attention to this important moment in time, and to a group whose collective voice is critically vital to our shared future, the National Center for Youth Law is turning over its social media — sorta.

For the next few days, we will use our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages exclusively to share and repost messages from young people, an effort to amplify these voices and center youth in this national conversation.

We invite others to join us in elevating and empowering young people. Most importantly, though, let's listen to what they say and act on it.

Hear them. Join them.