Success and Impact

NCYL Platform Connects Youth In Dicussions On Sexual, Reproductive Health

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NCYL, in line with its mission of centering the voices of youth, has cultivated and provided platforms for young people to have peer-to-peer conversation about sexual and reproductive health decisions.

The Youth Blog, presented on NCYL's, offers a space for foster youth to communicate directly with each other and access a range of resources, such as articles that spotlight certain issues and allow youth to share how those issues have impacted them, videos of youth sharing their experiences, and advice to youth from youth.

NCYL's Reproductive Health Equity Project (RHEP) for Foster Youth also convenes a Youth Advisory Board that is made up entirely of current and former California foster youth. They are passionate about lending their voice and expertise to change the current landscape of the foster care system with a focus on sexual and reproductive health.

Blogging support

The Youth Blog aims to offer supports for young people directly from their peers. An example of this is a spotlight feature in which a former Youth Advisory Board member answers questions and shares insights into his own mental and physical health journey.

Topics addressed in that feature include concerns about risks of unprotected sex in a foster home setting and the effects of reproductive and sexual health education.

Questions to the Youth Advisory Board can be submitted here.