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2022 California Legislative Successes
Governor signs AB 2417 (Youth Bill of Rights) and SB 532 (Expanding Access to Diplomas for Highly Mobile Students)

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A pair of bills aimed at improving the lives of young people across California — and that were supported by the National Center for Youth Law — were signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom to wrap up the state’s 2022 legislative session.

The new California state laws include Senate Bill 532, commonly referred to as Expanding Access to Diplomas for Highly Mobile Students, and Assembly Bill 2417, also known as the Youth Bill of Rights. The National Center for Youth Law joins its many partners who helped develop and advocate for these important bills in applauding California lawmakers for their support.

A look at each of the new bills:

‘Expanding Access to Diplomas for Highly Mobile Students’

SB 532 offers additional opportunities to achieve a high school diploma for youth experiencing homelessness, youth in foster care, students under juvenile court, youth of military families, and migrant youth. A lack of economic and housing security is extraordinarily detrimental to a students’ success in school and homeless youth are much less likely to complete high school, compared with those without homeless experiences.

SB 532 builds bridges to a high school diploma and post-secondary educational success by implementing several mechanisms of support for these highly mobile students.

‘Youth Bill of Rights’

AB 2417 ensures that young people incarcerated in county facilities are made aware of their rights and how to report violations of them. A Youth Bill of Rights had been in place for young people incarcerated in state facilities; now children in local facilities are given the same consideration.