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Editorial: For Juvenile Lifers, A Chance

August 21, 2011
Los Angeles Times – California lawmakers have repeatedly missed opportunities to bring some fairness, rationality and humanity to juvenile sentencing. They get another chance this week, and they should take it. The Assembly should pass SB 9, a bill to give offenders sentenced as minors…

Clark County Family Services chief resigns

August 8, 2011
Tom Morton, who was hired five years ago by Clark County commissioners to save a Family Services Department bedeviled by foster care abuses and a neglected-child center that had turned into a warehouse for children, is leaving.

Editorial: Putting a Check on Deaths of Foster Children

April 4, 2011
Los Angeles Times – NCYL led a coalition to pass California Senate Bill 39, which mandates child protective services agencies to release information about children who have died of abuse and neglect. Since the bill went into effect in 2008, NCYL, along with The Los

Here’s proof that bad kids can change

December 13, 2010
I believe most kids can be rehabilitated, but in the United States, people who commit murder before the age of 18 can be sentenced to life without parole.  …