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From Foster Care Into the Sex Trade

August 15, 2013
Salon – This country pours millions of dollars into combatting sex trafficking through local and federal law enforcement, but the growing realization of the link between the child welfare system and child sex trafficking is making some people rethink that strategy. NCYL’s Kate Walker points…

California budget includes new emphasis on foster youth in schools

July 17, 2013
Contra Costa Times – The new local control funding formula (LCFF) of the California budget has the potential to significantly impact foster youth children in schools. FosterEd’s Hahnel concurred, adding, “the proof will be in the implementation”.…

An Opportunity to Ensure Foster Kids Succeed in School

July 10, 2013
San Diego Union Tribune – Jesse Hahnel, the founder and director of FosterEd, writes an Op-Ed piece discussing the recent budget and local control funding formula (LCFF). He argues that these changes have potential to dramatically increase educational access for foster children, if used effectively.…

Court’s Program in AZ Aims to Help Foster Kids Succeed in School

July 5, 2013
Arizona Daily Star – Pima County’s Juvenile Court will be the third court in the country to take part in FosterEd’s initiative to help ensure the success of foster children in school. Under the direction of Pete Hershberger, the court will draw on FosterEd’s formula…

Editorial: For Juvenile Lifers, A Chance

August 21, 2011
Los Angeles Times – California lawmakers have repeatedly missed opportunities to bring some fairness, rationality and humanity to juvenile sentencing. They get another chance this week, and they should take it. The Assembly should pass SB 9, a bill to give offenders sentenced as minors…

Clark County Family Services chief resigns

August 8, 2011
Tom Morton, who was hired five years ago by Clark County commissioners to save a Family Services Department bedeviled by foster care abuses and a neglected-child center that had turned into a warehouse for children, is leaving.