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Litigation Strategies

Dallas County Truancy Court

This civil rights complaint filed with the U.S. Department of Justice on June 12, 2013, concerns a particularly harmful aspect

Bryan Independent School District

Bryan Independent School District’s use of school resource officers to issue criminal sanctions for a range of minor student misbehavior

Jessica K. v. Eureka City School District

This federal civil rights lawsuit charges top officials in the Eureka City Schools District with allowing pervasive racial and sexual 

In re Tyriq T.

This case addresses whether an interlocutory appeal can be heard from a decision to transfer a youth to adult court.

State of Illinois v. Davis

This case involves Adolfo Davis, a minor, who was given a sentence of life without the possibility of parole for

All of Us or None v. Bowen

This case challenges the California Secretary of State’s recent interpretation of state laws regarding voting rights for those convicted of

In re Sara Kruzan

Sara Kruzan was sentenced to life without possibility of parole for a shooting she committed in 1994 when she was

Mental Health Association in California vs. Schwarzenegger

In November 2004, the voters of California enacted the Mental Health Services Act to increase mental health services in California.

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