National Center for Youth Law

Litigation Strategies

Brazwell v. Wagner

This case challenged California’s policy of denying cash assistance to relative caregivers when the children they care for get in

Katie A. v. Bontá

NCYL is co-counsel in the case of Katie A. v. Bontá, a child welfare reform class action against the California

Dyer v. California Interscholastic Federation

NCYL won a major case in California, securing fair and equal treatment of foster youth who play high school sports.

Clark K. v Willden - U.S. District Court – District of Nevada, No. 2:06-cv-01068

The National Center for Youth Law first filed suit to reform the child welfare system in Clark County (Las Vegas),

David C. v. Huntsman

David C. is a child welfare reform class action brought in 1993, on behalf of all foster children and children

L.J. v. Donald

NCYL attorney Bill Grimm who was then working for the Legal Aid Bureau in Maryland originally brought this federal class

Timothy J. v. Chaffee

NCYL attorney Alice Bussiere represented more than 50,000 foster children in Los Angeles County. As a result of the case,

Bradford v. Davis

In this case, NCYL represented a foster child who had been assaulted, beaten, and abused by his foster parents for

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