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Foster Care Docket

The Foster Care Docket tracks foster care reform litigation throughout the country. In the tool bar to your right, cases may be searched by state, keyword, and procedural and substantive issues.

Olivia v. Samuels

This action was brought on behalf of over 200 individual abused and neglected children under the guardianship of the Illinois

Office of the Child Advocate v. Rossi - also known as Office of the Child Advocate v. State of Rhode Island and Office of the Child Advocate v. Picano, Office of the Child Advocate v. Lindgreen

This lawsuit against the Rhode Island Department for Children and Families (DCF) challenged the practice of placing children in night-to-night

Norman v. McDonald - also known as Norman v. Suter, Norman v. Johnson, and Fields v. Johnson

This class action was filed on behalf of impoverished parents and legal guardians who have lost, are at risk of

Nicholson v. Williams - also known as Nicholson v. Scoppetta

This case addressed whether the policy of the New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) to remove or threaten

Michelle H v. Haley  

Plaintiff foster children filed a class action lawsuit alleging that deficiencies in the operation of the South Carolina Department of

Martin A. v. Giuliani - also known as Martin A. v. Gross; consolidated for disposition with Cosentino v. Perales

This case was filed on behalf of children who had been reported as victims of abuse or neglect to New

Mark A. v. Wilson - also known as Mark A. et. al v. Davis

Plaintiffs brought this class action on behalf of all children who are now or will be in foster care in

Marisol v. Giuliani - also known as Marisol v. Pataki

Plaintiffs charged that New York City’s failure to care for and protect children in its custody (or those reported to

Mabel A. v. Woodard

This is a civil rights case against a DCFS case manager alleging that the case manager took no action in

M.W. v. Davis

This case addresses whether a foster child in the legal custody of Florida’s Department of Children and Families (DCF) is

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