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Foster Care Docket

The Foster Care Docket tracks foster care reform litigation throughout the country. In the tool bar to your right, cases may be searched by state, keyword, and procedural and substantive issues.

Aisha W. v. Aunt Martha’s Youth Services Center

Three-year-old Aisha and her six-year-old brother were placed in a non-relative foster home. Defendants were the social services agency and

A.S.W. v. Oregon - Also known as A.S.W. v. Mink

This class action challenges the Oregon Department of Human Services’ 7.5% across-the-board unilateral reduction of Adoption Assistance Program (AAP) payments

A.R. v. State of Oregon

Plaintiffs’ lawsuit challenges the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS)’s practice of failing to find appropriate placements for the foster

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