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Creating Meaningful Opportunities for Release

The Supreme Court ruled in Miller v. Alabama  that mandatory life sentences without a possibility of parole are unconstitutional for

Arizona’s Invisible Achievement Gap - FosterEd Arizona

In  Arizona, we supported the production of  a report that merged state-level education and child welfare data to paint a

Pima County Demonstration Site - FosterEd AZ

We are working to make sure that each and every young person in foster care is positively engaged in school

Oversight of County Mental Health Services for Foster Youth - SB 1291

Thousands of California foster children are medicated with psychotropic drugs without assurance that the treatment is safe and appropriate and

Training and Data Sharing for Public Agencies - SB 238

The goal of this legislation is to develop and review data, to develop a system of alerts, to update court

Youth Offender Parole - California SB 260 and SB 261

NCYL is working nationally and in California to ban juvenile life without parole. Until 2012, the United States and Somalia

Reproductive Choice and Parental Notification - The California Confidential Health Information Act of 2012 (SB 138)

NCYL believes that young people must have the ability to take ownership of their own bodies and reproductive decisions to

Foster Youth Services - AB 854

Foster Youth Services (FYS) programs provide supplemental educational services and supports to foster children in California.  Nearly two-thirds of the

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