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October-December 2005
Vol. XXVI No.4


Keeping Siblings Together: Past, Present, and Future

January 1, 2006
By Emily Kernan “The relationships people share with siblings are often the longest-lasting they will ever have. Siblings are there from the beginning, and they are often still around after parents, and even spouses and children, are gone.”1 Many children report experiencing a great…

Incorporating Teens into Traditional Legal Services Programs

January 1, 2006
By Roxanne Hoegger Alejandre and Angie Schwartz This article proposes that, with effort and dedication, we can close the gaps in services to teens. The first section explores the special legal needs of youth, spotlighting two substantive areas on which legal aid has traditionally focused:

Foster Parents: Reality v. Perception

January 1, 2006
By Bill Grimm and Julian Darwall This is the second of a two-part series that looks at foster parents – who they are, who the public thinks they are, and how the public’s perceptions of them is shaped by newspapers, magazines, and books, as well…