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NCYL News – December 2016
VOL. 1 NO. 9


Inspired and Hopeful - by Allison Newcombe

December 1, 2016
Seated atop an old picnic bench, worn from the weight of years of happy campers, I toiled on a simple art project reminiscent of my own childhood camp experience. For well over an hour, I sat in a calm and easy silence alongside a young

Highlights of Our Work – December 2016

December 1, 2016
NCYL Joins Call for Establishing Sanctuary Schools and Campuses ›
NCYL, together with more than 120 community, education, health, faith, labor, student, and parent organizations in California, has released an open letter calling on California’s educational leaders to address the growing

A Message from The Executive Director - by Jesse Hahnel

December 1, 2016
Friends and Colleagues, The National Center for Youth Law (NCYL) heads into 2017 facing a determined effort to roll back civil rights, human rights and public programs. Founded more than 40 years ago as part of President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty, NCYL stands fully…