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NCYL Launching on-line California Teen Legal Guide to Sex, Pregnancy and Parenting

The National Center for Youth Law (NCYL) is now home to the revamped on-line California Teen Legal Guide to Sex, Pregnancy and Parenting. provides health and legal information to young people in California who are sexually active, may be pregnant, are pregnant, have children, and their partners.

NCYL inherited the California Teen Legal Guide to Sex, Pregnancy and Parenting from the National Partnership for Women & Families in cooperation with the National Health Law Program. These organizations have long been committed to improving access to health care with a special focus on disadvantaged communities and individuals.

Many lawyers and other professionals worked on the original guidebook, which NCYL has since adapted for an online audience. Teen focus groups were convened in the design process to ensure the new website provides legal information and resources in an easy-to-digest way for its intended audience: pregnant and parenting youth. is unique presentation of this important information. The site has been written and designed with youth in mind. Colorful blocks appeal to a younger audience, while succinctly-written posts make it easy to quickly scan information. The site bridges the gap between providing resources to youth and giving youth a chance to express themselves in our new Youth Voices blog. This new forum will serve as a way for youth to tell their stories and share their expertise with a community of teens who come to the site with many questions, looking for answers. Future writing workshops with youth, on publishing stories for the blog, will help them develop skills not only to share their experiences, but to be their own advocates.

The new site has a wealth of information to help teens at every stage of their experience with sex and pregnancy, from acquiring emergency contraception, finding services to help them if they’re pregnant, to learning about their options when it comes to their new child. They will be able to learn about their legal rights regarding their health at home, in school, in a shelter, and when finding a job. The site also features detailed maps organized by social, health, and legal services in each county so youth can easily find support. Parents and caregivers of pregnant teens can also find resources to help them better understand the experiences facing their youth. And professionals can access informative guides to help them support the youth for whom they may be responsible.

The new site will serve as a go-to resource for teens throughout California who want to know more about pregnancy, raising a child, and their legal rights throughout the process.

Please visit for more information and spread the word about this powerful resource by sharing the site with your clients, colleagues, and affiliated programs.