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January-March 2007
Vol. XXVIII No.1


Improving the Child Welfare Workforce

April 1, 2007
By Julie Farber and Sara Munson The recruitment, support, and retention of child welfare professionals are an important and ongoing concern. Studies have shown that the child welfare workforce faces significant challenges in meeting the needs of vulnerable children and their families. High caseloads, lack…

Braam v. State of Washington: New Developments Under the Reform Process

April 1, 2007
By Bryn Martyna Tremendous progress has been made in the almost three years since the settlement agreement in Braam v. State of Washington was signed. Braam was a case filed in 1998 by current and former foster children against the state of Washington. Plaintiffs sought…

Creating a Climate for Reform

April 1, 2007
by Tracy Schroth Anyone who has picked up a San Francisco Bay Area newspaper or watched local television in the past six months probably knows the name and face of Raijon Daniels. That’s because it has appeared in the media more than 50 times since…

Child Deaths From Abuse and Neglect

March 1, 2007
By Bill Grimm The death of 8-year-old Raijon Daniels last October was front page news in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the next few days, headlines drew repeated attention to his death: “Dead Boy, 8, Was Abused, Police Say”1; “Mom Held on…