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Highlights of Our Work – November 2016

NCYL is expanding its work in Los Angeles supporting public agencies that address the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC). NCYL has been working with Los Angeles County since 2012. We began by collaborating with our partners to develop the Law Enforcement First Responder Protocol for CSEC, which is designed to avoid arrest and increase collaboration between law enforcement, probation, child welfare, and specialized CSEC advocates when they encounter suspected or identified victims of child sex trafficking. We have overseen the Protocol’s implementation since 2014 and will continue as it is expanded countywide. Under the new agreement NCYL will be assisting the county in establishing an interagency protocol to address interim services and long-term stabilization for youth. In addition, NCYL will assist the County to ensure policies and procedures are compliant with Federal mandates for CSEC, runaway and missing youth. NCYL will also be developing two innovative protocols—one to proactively identify and serve CSEC in detention settings, and the second to improve the process for CSEC who testify against their exploiters. Finally, NCYL will be partnering with researchers to determine what placement and associated services are helpful at stabilizing CSEC.
NCYL to Review Policies and Practices that Support Permanence>
NCYL has been awarded a grant of $150,000 from the Annie E Casey Foundation to conduct an eight month 50 state review of state policies and practices that support or discourage permanence (reunification, adoption & guardianship) for teens in foster care. The study will be conducted in partnership with UC Berkeley and the Child & Family Policy Institute of California.