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Foster Youth Education Initiative Releases Report on Improving Opportunities for Foster Youth

095804db09 [1]NCYL’s Foster Youth Education Initiative has released its long-awaited report on how California is ensuring that foster children receive appropriate educational opportunities.

Most children have parents who monitor their academic progress, attend parent-teacher conferences, enroll them in appropriate classes, and generally ensure they receive a quality education. Their parents serve as their educational advocates.

Foster youth frequently lack such advocates. As a consequence, they often fail to receive the opportunities necessary to succeed in school. This report examines an emerging strategy designed to ensure that foster youth receive the opportunities they need: the creation of educational advocacy systems for foster youth. These systems provide a structure for identifying foster youth facing challenges, determining their educational needs, and ensuring they receive appropriate support. The report outlines the common components of education advocacy systems and provides an overview of 11 different such systems across California. It also offers concrete recommendations for working to improve the educational and life outcomes of these children.