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California Psych Meds Legislation Advances

Our 2016 California legislative package is moving through the State Legislature.

  • SB 1291: NCYL sponsored legislation that will improve the ability of the State and counties to oversee mental health services for foster children and youth, and to track outcomes related to those services.  In April the Senate Health and the Senate Human Services Committee both approved the bill unanimously following the compelling testimony of NCYL Foster Youth Advocate Shanequa Arrington (above).
  • SB 1174: NCYL sponsored legislation to identify and investigate doctors who prescribe excessively or in ways contrary to the standard of care. This bill was expected to receive a rougher receptionat the Senate Business and Professions Committee due to opposition from California Medial Association (CMA). However, it too sailed through on an 8-0 vote.
  • Public Health Nurse Budget Ask: $1.65 million in state funding to implement SB 319, our 2015 bill that increased oversight to ensure foster children prescribed psychotropic medications are monitored for metabolic complications. In early April the Assembly Budget Sub-Committee for Human Services heard a powerful presentation by NCYL Foster Youth Advocates Tisha Ortiz and Shanequa Arrington, who were joined by SEIU public health nurses from around the state.