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California CSEC Policy Compendium

Since 2014, the California Legislature has been investing in the child welfare system’s capacity to identify and serve commercially sexually exploited children (CSEC), while simultaneously shifting away from criminalization.

The CSEC Action Team [1], led by the California Department of Social Services, NCYL, Children’s Law Center of California and the Courts, created a number of resources to assist counties in fulfilling their obligations with respect to these laws. Refer to this timeline [2] for some additional history.

Below are all the instructions and resources distributed to counties for satisfying the requirements in SB 794 and SB 855.

Counties are strongly encouraged to engage survivors in efforts related to the development and implementation of all CSEC protocols, policies, and procedures. The CSEC Action Team’s Advisory Board, comprised of 10 adult survivor advocates, is a unique resource available to local agencies and organizations. Please request a consultation by submitting this online form [3].

Harm Reduction Series

Interagency protocols and allocations (SB 855/CSEC Program)







Decriminalization of Youth Impacted by CSE (SB 1322 and AB 2992)

CSEC and Missing/Runaway Policies & Procedures (SB 794)

Documenting CSEC and at-risk youth in CWS/CMS

Other related guidance

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