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Building Champions for Students In Arizona’s Foster Care
FosterEd Arizona Progress Update

This annual progress report was prepared for the Arizona State Legislature and Governor’s Office in compliance with House Bill 2665, the Foster Youth Education Success Fund, established by the State Legislature in 2016. This report provides an overview of the FosterEd Program in Arizona, a look back at FosterEd’s early work in Pima County, and a description of how FosterEd is using the lessons learned from the Pima pilot to inform statewide expansion and continuous program improvement.

The report summarizes two important phases of FosterEd Arizona’s work. The first phase includes progress made during the transition year which extended from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017, before the funding for the program was available to support statewide expansion. The second phase covers the first four months of the expansion from July to October 2017.

The report also provides a look ahead at what’s next for FosterEd in Arizona, including the next wave of statewide expansion, expanding provision of state-wide systems of supports, growth of our volunteer program and engaging in a rigorous evaluation of FosterEd’s work in Arizona.