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April-June 2005
Vol. XXVI No.2


Protecting the Interests of Adolescents in Climate of Cut-backs

July 1, 2005
By Abigail English, Jane Perkins, and Catherine Teare The 1990s witnessed extraordinary changes in the laws and policies that influence the delivery of health care to adolescents. Most developments were beneficial, offering opportunities to expand eligibility for health insurance and to provide more comprehensive services…

Indiana Case Threatens Youth Confidentiality Rights for Health Care

July 1, 2005
By Rebecca Gudeman Confidentiality, a cornerstone of adolescent health care, may be threatened nationwide by a case now winding its way through Indiana’s courts. Early this year, the Indiana Attorney General demanded access to the complete medical records of more than 80 minors under 14…

Achievement Gaps and No Child Left Behind

July 1, 2005
By Caroline Rothert The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB)1 has intensified efforts across the country to eliminate racial disparities in academic performance. NCLB requires schools and districts to break out test scores by racial and ethnic group; status as economically disadvantaged;…