Janette Saldana

Education Liaison II
Portrait photograph of Janette Saldana

Janette Saldana joined the NCYL team in July 2018 as an Education Liaison for Compassionate Education Systems in Santa Clara County, supporting young people who are system-involved. Prior to NCYL, Saldana worked in south Santa Clara County, directly supporting low-income families and young people by providing them access to a wide array of services, including counseling, food assistance, medical services, and housing services. Working with the local school district, Saldana was able to identify students and families in need of support and then match that need with available and appropriate resources.

Saldana comes from a small rural town nestled in California’s central valley, which is home to migrant workers and low-income families alike. She is one of three siblings and is a first-generation college graduate. Saldana earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Child Development from San Jose State University in 2014. Her passion for supporting underprivileged and underserved populations is fueled by growing up in a similar landscape and by watching her parents make great efforts to provide their family with a better life. Saldna hopes to expand her ability to support young people and their families with meeting their goals, creating possibilities, and becoming powerful self-advocates.