California – Proposition 57 - THE PUBLIC SAFETY AND REHABILITATION ACT OF 2016

Prop 57 is a 2016 California ballot measure that will enhance public safety and help California replace its costly over reliance on bloated prisons with smart justice strategies focused on rehabilitation. Proposition 57 will: End Prosecutors’ ability to charge youth as adults without a transfer hearing; Allow parole consideration for people incarcerated for nonviolent convictions; Provide incentives for incarcerated people to complete rehabilitative programs; and require the California Department of Corrections to establish regulations certified to promote public safety.

Treating Sex Trafficked Children as Victims

California is one of several states that continue to criminalize Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) by charging them with prostitution, loitering with intent, and other crimes committed as a result of their victimization. In 2015, 235 minors were arrested for these two specific offenses. In 2016, California State Senator Holly Mitchell introduced SB 1322 which would preclude […]

Reproductive and Sexual Health Access for Youth in Foster Care

NCYL believes that young people in the child welfare system must have the ability to take ownership of their own bodies and reproductive decisions in order to have a fair start in life. To do so, foster youth must have access to comprehensive and complete sexual health education that addresses their unique needs and circumstances, […]

California Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) Program

The Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) Program is administered by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS). Counties that elect to participate in the CSEC Program must develop an interagency protocol that utilizes a multidisciplinary response for serving CSEC. Participating counties will receive funding to identify and serve CSEC. The California Child Welfare Council’s CSEC Action Team, […]

Local Control Funding Formula

California’s Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) is a groundbreaking law passed in 2013, that changed the way education is funded in the state. LCFF increases local flexibility in spending education dollars while increasing accountability, particularly for improving the educational outcomes of designated student sub-groups. LCFF included the designation of foster youth as student sub-group for the […]

Foster Youth Services

Foster Youth Services (FYS) programs provide supplemental educational services and supports to foster children in California.  Nearly two-thirds of the state’s foster children are ineligible for these services which are limited to foster students in institutional placements. NCYL is working on legislative solutions to expand FYS to all California foster children bringing FYS into alignment […]

Reproductive Choice and Parental Notification

NCYL believes that young people must have the ability to take ownership of their own bodies and reproductive decisions to have a fair start in life. In order to do so, NCYL believes that youth must have the ability to decide when to share sensitive health information with others, including parents and when to involve […]

School-to-Prison Pipeline

Across the nation, student discipline is increasingly moving from the schoolhouse to the courthouse The “school-to-prison pipeline” is a phenomenon documented in a growing body of state and national research.

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